The work environment right now wasn’t like how it was ten or even five years ago and it is not only because of the recession. The expectations and digital upgrades from the new generation workers has transformed the workplace. Here are a few points that would prove it,


More flexible

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We have reached a stage where it doesn’t matter where we work and when we work. Majority of us prefer working in an environment which is open to flexibility. Companies are also offering workplace flexibility. Everything is digital right now, employees can peacefully take work from home which in turn helps them to stay closer to their families.  


Entrepreneurs are everywhere

Many people choose to work for themselves and why shouldn’t they? Entrepreneurship is trending right now. After Facebook gained a huge popularity and notoriety, majority of the people are opting for self employment. The main reason why people chose self employment is because of the recession. There was no other option. Again, the entrepreneurs are working all by themselves and are hesitant to hire other workers which in turn creates less opportunities for the coming generation. 



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The employees want their work to be fulfilling and not just a paycheck. They need time to develop their interests and personal lives outside of work as well. Employers are even offering laundry and food services to their workers. 


Sticking to only one job?

Unlike our parents and grandparents, we will definitely not stick to one employer in our entire career. These days people switch right after a year’s completion and demand for higher pay. This means that the companies have to try their best in order to retain young workers by offering them some lifestyle perks that isn’t given in any other company. The only thing a worker looks for is flexibility, if you are ready to offer that then it’s a total win-win. 


Personal branding is affecting most of the industries. Individuals who make a name for themselves in this volatile economy have climbed up the ladder even more. This increases the chances of people who knows the individual flocking towards them for job opportunities. Since many people hop from one company to another, it would be wiser if one brands themselves rather than the employer.